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A little bit about me

My name is Omid Ghaffari-Tabrizi. I was born in Minnesota and raised in South Florida. I have lived in a few different places, but currently call D.C. my home. Despite how muggy the summers are, this city is incredible!

I learned about the internet when two babysitters introduced me to Mosaic. They were hired by an organization to update their website to reflect the winner of the NBA Finals as soon as the game was over.

I couldn't believe I was sitting in the room where two young college students that had only recently come to the U.S., changed something on my computer in a matter of seconds (with a few minutes of uploading), and the entire world could see what they did.

So I did what I could to be involved with technology.

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I'm a licensed Florida attorney.

Depending on where I am working right now, I may not be able to represent you, but I keep my license active. I have represented people as well as companies.

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I'm a certified Scrum Master.

Certifications don't equate to knowledge, but I like to think that my professional experiences, training, and mentors have gotten me to a point I have what it takes.

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I enjoy public service.

I started my legal career as an intern with the Miami-Dade Public Defender, represented teams working with various agencies, and worked for GSA at 18F,, and CoE.

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I automate everything I can.

I love learning new things. Helping teams eliminate manual and rote tasks allows the specialists to focus on what they're best at doing, bringing all of us up with them.

Get in touch

I'm always happy to connect. If you have some interesting ideas or just want to chat, get in touch and I'm sure we can find time to meet!